Study for Anima/Darkroom | Isolated Studies

Collaborations from Montreal and Vancouver make up the 3rd weekend double bill. Two works created by outrageously distinct artists collaborating to redefine dance at the edges and find a core of new performance. Street dance sensibilities and contemporary perspectives. Two takes on the energy of becoming, for the zeitgeist of today.

STUDY FOR ANIMA/DARKROOM | Lucy M. May with 7Starr

Engaging with space and raw material, the performer 7Starr renders the thought and anima at the heart of Krump to new surfaces. The black box is reimagined as a photographic darkroom, where stories appear from an apparent void. Emergent are the human efforts to listen and be heard, to bear witness and be seen. Lucy M. May reimagines the black box as a photographic darkroom of emergent stories, where performer 7Starr renders the anima at the heart of Krump to new surfaces.

ISOLATED STUDIES | Hilary Maxwell & Josh Martin

Isolated studies explores different tasks as tools to disorientate oneself, getting lost inside of movement to force discovery of new positions and pathways, and documents the venture into an unfamiliar body and place.

Springboard Performance
Calgary, AB

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