She Said So | Triple Bill

SHE SAID SO, a mixed bill celebrating three dance artists who embody the ideas of a next wave of feminism through new performance.

CONTAINER | Vanessa Goodman (Vancouver)

Container by choreographer and performer Vanessa Goodman explores her relationship to her body as a container for her inherited cultural past.

REAWAKEN | Meghann Michalsky (Calgary)
Volcanoes are among the most devastating forces on Earth. Magma simmers intensely beneath the earth’s skin, always volatile, always on the verge of breaking through. ReAWaken is inspired by this volcanic boiling point.

A FINE KIND OF MADNESS (PART I) | Heather Ware (Banff/Netherlands)
A body in conflict searches for balance, for resolution. A paralytic state of fear is made bearable by ones own physical being. What is needed within a person to move forward when every instinct is screaming to stop. What if you can’t go back, can’t downclimb. Can we give ourselves over to the beauty of falling apart?

Springboard Performance
Calgary, AB

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