Jezebel, at the Still Point | Kittly-Bender

Two fresh takes on dance theatre. Connecting to the clown and dog in all of us. Heartwarming and funny. Disarmingly honest.

JEZEBEL, AT THE STILLPOINT | Ainsley Hillyard (Edmonton)

Be aware there is a DOG on the stage during the performance.

Obsessed with traveling to the past, an astronaut and her French bulldog, Jezebel, explore the universe attempting to crack the code to time traveling. A tale of adventure, heroism, mortality, and love, it is a modern day Turner and Hooch, meets Space Jam, meets Einstein’s theory of relativity. An interweaving of text, movement, and an untrained French bulldog, each show is a new adventure.

KITTLY-BENDER | Kemi Projects (Toronto)

Jennifer Dallas has created Kittly, formerly a high-powered fast-fashion CEO, now a fabulously dressed recluse. Kittly-Bender takes audiences on an emotional, image-filled journey as Kittly views her former glories (and calamities) through tatters of what remains. Dance, clown, music, and costume design coalesce for this intimate meditation on the worldwide demand for luxury. Kittly-Bender offers hope for the future and a less fractured world.

Springboard Performance
Calgary, AB

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