Moving/ Forward

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 8:00 PM

MOVING/FORWARD – Dance on Film Screening
F-O-R-M | Festival Of Recorded Movement (Vancouver)

Moving/Forward brings a five-year survey of dance created for the screen by artists based in Western Canada. From flamenco to street dance, this program provides a chance to experience a lot of types of dance from a new perspective. The narrative format of the screen breaks down barriers and provide another avenue of appreciation for dance.

The program runs approximately 75 minutes and includes work by Deanna Peters, Ralph Escamillan, Nancy Lee, Kattie Coolidge, Francesca Frewer, Karissa Barry, Sabrina Comanescu, Heather Lamoureux, Nita Bowerman, Miriam Colvin, Company 605, Kim Sato, Nathan Boey, and others.


Jezebel, at the Still Point | Kittly-Bender

Oct 24, 2018 - Oct 25, 2018

Two fresh takes on dance theatre. Connecting to the clown and dog in all of us. Heartwarming and funny. Disarmingly honest.

JEZEBEL, AT THE STILLPOINT | Ainsley Hillyard (Edmonton)

Be aware there is a DOG on the stage during the performance.

Obsessed with traveling to the past, an astronaut and her French bulldog, Jezebel, explore the universe attempting to crack the code to time traveling. A tale of adventure, heroism, mortality, and love, it is a modern day Turner and Hooch, meets Space Jam, meets Einstein’s theory of relativity. An interweaving of text, movement, and an untrained French bulldog, each show is a new adventure.

KITTLY-BENDER | Kemi Projects (Toronto)

Jennifer Dallas has created Kittly, formerly a high-powered fast-fashion CEO, now a fabulously dressed recluse. Kittly-Bender takes audiences on an emotional, image-filled journey as Kittly views her former glories (and calamities) through tatters of what remains. Dance, clown, music, and costume design coalesce for this intimate meditation on the worldwide demand for luxury. Kittly-Bender offers hope for the future and a less fractured world.


She Said So | Triple Bill

Oct 26, 2018 - Oct 27, 2018

SHE SAID SO, a mixed bill celebrating three dance artists who embody the ideas of a next wave of feminism through new performance.

CONTAINER | Vanessa Goodman (Vancouver)

Container by choreographer and performer Vanessa Goodman explores her relationship to her body as a container for her inherited cultural past.

REAWAKEN | Meghann Michalsky (Calgary)
Volcanoes are among the most devastating forces on Earth. Magma simmers intensely beneath the earth’s skin, always volatile, always on the verge of breaking through. ReAWaken is inspired by this volcanic boiling point.

A FINE KIND OF MADNESS (PART I) | Heather Ware (Banff/Netherlands)
A body in conflict searches for balance, for resolution. A paralytic state of fear is made bearable by ones own physical being. What is needed within a person to move forward when every instinct is screaming to stop. What if you can’t go back, can’t downclimb. Can we give ourselves over to the beauty of falling apart?


Body in Space: An Art Party

Oct 26, 2018 - Oct 27, 2018

Fluid Fest & Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre present


As darkness falls, cSPACE King Edward – a century-old school building – will light up with ten provocative performance and art happenings, transforming into a vibrating hive mind of floating bodies, rigorous discomforts and fearless ideas. Come see what happens when Fluid Fest and Swallow-a-Bicycle get together for an art party.

Featuring Calgary Artists & National Guests:
Karissa Barry
Kathryn Blair
Wayne Burns
Barbara England
Julie Ferguson
Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre
Linnea Swan and Nicole Charlton-Goodbrand
Felix Tuba
Vines & Weeds Collective + Reckless Daughter Creative
Elaine Weryshko


Lisbeth Gruwez dances Bob Dylan

Nov 1, 2018 - Nov 2, 2018

Lisbeth Gruwez Voetvolk (Belgium)

Musician/composer Maarten Van Cauwenberghe, permanent partner of Voetvolk, plays Bob Dylan songs on vinyl; Lisbeth Gruwez dances. This establishes communication without words, connecting two people with songs from the sixties and seventies. Lisbeth Gruwez dances Bob Dylan is pure, minimalistic and takes you to that place where the evening fades into the night, where the party ends and guests go home, where one individual is left on the dance-floor, undisturbed, lost in a dialogue with music.


Study for Anima/Darkroom | Isolated Studies

Nov 2, 2018 - Nov 3, 2018

Collaborations from Montreal and Vancouver make up the 3rd weekend double bill. Two works created by outrageously distinct artists collaborating to redefine dance at the edges and find a core of new performance. Street dance sensibilities and contemporary perspectives. Two takes on the energy of becoming, for the zeitgeist of today.

STUDY FOR ANIMA/DARKROOM | Lucy M. May with 7Starr

Engaging with space and raw material, the performer 7Starr renders the thought and anima at the heart of Krump to new surfaces. The black box is reimagined as a photographic darkroom, where stories appear from an apparent void. Emergent are the human efforts to listen and be heard, to bear witness and be seen. Lucy M. May reimagines the black box as a photographic darkroom of emergent stories, where performer 7Starr renders the anima at the heart of Krump to new surfaces.

ISOLATED STUDIES | Hilary Maxwell & Josh Martin

Isolated studies explores different tasks as tools to disorientate oneself, getting lost inside of movement to force discovery of new positions and pathways, and documents the venture into an unfamiliar body and place.

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